Friday, June 24, 2011

one year of university life story

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone,

26th June 2011 full year i was in Uitm Puncak Perdana.still fresh in the memory when the first day first impression about Uitm Puncak this realy what we call a university?why so small?nothing i can say anymore.just accept the truth.but it was not bad at all.i love the's just like an apartment.i quite suprise about im gonna live at damn has 3 rooms.i got the master room with 4 people which will be my roomates.when i first entered the room means the first time i known Syidah Fazil.she was there with her first impression about her.she looks nice.and the way she talk to me i know she can be a good roomate as well as my housemate.Alhamdulillah until now we stay as a housemate for 3 sem.opss.not exactly.just 2 sem.because in the second sem she stayed with the JPK.

After Syidah,then i met the others which is Intan Saidah,Intan Syawani,Wan.KD,Afiqah and Kak Akma.First day there,i had to face the orientation day or we call it as Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS).It happened for a damn tired.we have to wake up early in the morning at 5am and have to go to surau for subuh prayer.and after that we have to listen the speeches.i cant remember the people who gave the speech.and this happen for a week.yeahh.suckks right.but im not realy hate the MDS.actualy we also had so much fun.a week there for MDS i got many new friends.and also the abang and kakak for the MDS are so thats how it goes for my MDS.

Then,my class had start.luckily Afiqah Ayob which is my housemate got the same class with me.first day in class.i dont know anyone of them except to day i get to know them better.
since i have no basic in accounting,i thought this sem was the hardest semester.but thank god,in the final exam i manage to get A for that accounting paper.Eventhough my final exam result was not good at all,but i think it is enough for me when i got A for FAR100.

In the semester 1,me,KD,syidah,afiqah have been involved in JPK as a ad-hoc and here is where we know Fahmi and Syah.when i involve myself in JPK so that means i drag myself into a busy life.i was so busy in the first sem with the kolej activities.then,i decided to resign from the JPK for the next sem because i hate busy life.

end of the story of first semester.

at sunway
last day with afiq

one fine day at KFC
such a sweet memories between us

first outing with them

begin of second semester story,
stay with the old housemate,except syidah and kak akma and they were replaced by nony and kak mai.first day of second sem.i got to know kak new roomate as well as housemate.she's so beautiful.then,this is also when first i know nony.hahaha.this cute little girl from kelantan.just nice to be her friends but i think im just like her sister.i love to treat her just like my sis.not my KD always said,i treat her like my daughter.sorry,i think im not suitable to become a mummy to 19 years old girl.hahaha.

AC110 2B,
stay with them again.subject for this sem become more tough esp cost accounting.i got B for this paper.Alhamdulillah,my pointer has increased for this sem final exam.but it was not good enough.
i love my classmates.this semester was the first time i went to a trip with the classmate.we went to genting highlands.we had so much fun there.i love that moments.

and also,in this sem where my love story begin with happened in the second week.i get close with him when our first outing for this sem at that time i have no feeling towards him AT ALL.he's the one who approach me first.and then he makes me fall in love with him.then,begins of our sweet memory.arghhhhh.i wish i can delete all the memories from my i hate him.SO MUCH.i dont want to see him anymore!!

end of second sem story

beginning of third sem,
which happen now.still stay with KD,Afiqah,Nony and Syidah plus 3 new housemate which is Dania,Diba and Hanisah.we stay at blok 4 laman B.the strategic place.because near the cafe.the most important thing we got the second damn cool.but we're facing the boys blok.same like last sem.but we use to it.haha.

then about my classmate AC1103B.for the third sem.most of us still staying in the same class.about the lecturers,i think i love all the lecturers this sem.seems like they're so sporting.i guesss.heee.I think the subject which I take rather difficult but i'll do the best for it.pray for me guys

and that's the story up to one year in UiTM Puncak Perdana.and now I'm still fighting for two semesters before graduation.I had so much wonderful memories there with the great people.i hope that these memories will remain in my mind.=)

p/s:full of english.nak practice meyhhh.MUET bai tahun ni.adoiii.cuak gile laaah.doakan yang terbaik untuk aku.peace yo!!

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